Wednesday, February 1, 2012

**News Flash**          **News Flash**
SmartPaws are teaming up with Chance Agility to hold new show.
Look out for our schedule, which will be coming soon:

Thursday 21st June 2012
Venue: Daventry Rugby Club, Stefen Hill, Western Avenue, Daventry, NN11 4ST
Limited to a maximum of 200 dogs

Closing date:  Thursday 17th May 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We had a fun night doing jumping tonight, consolidating the exercises that we did last week with our front crosses. I set a full course for a change, which we broke down into various sections and put together in the end for a full course.

We broke the course down at 1 - 7 to start, doing a front cross in front of 2-3. Although this could have been handled from behind the point of the exercise was to do the front cross. jumps 5-6 were then worked from behind allowing the dogs to pick up the weave entry independently. The main thing with the weaves was that they were going into nothing and there was a tunnel following, so this really tested the dogs independent weaves when the handlers started to peel away. We then worked on proofing the weaves by leaving the dogs to weave on their own while the handlers moved off.

The next section we worked was 7 - 11, again proofing the weaves with the handlers moving across to the tunnel. The next tricky part was the send on from the tunnel to the far jump. The really high drive dogs did this naturally, but some of the handlers got lazy and pulled the dogs off. They had to ensure that they kept their drive arm up and did not suddenly stop and drop their arm. Then the turn from 10 - 11 into the flat tunnel was another trap and the dogs were then facing both tunnels. Some handlers managed to completely block the flat tunnel sending their dogs into the pipe. They used the incorrect arm and their shoulders were pointing to the pipe, but with practice they all completely this section correctly in the end.

The last section we worked on was 14 - 18, which allowed the dogs to drive forward and really pick up speed, but at 16 we needed a tight right turn of almost 180degrees. This was achieved by crossing behind the dogs at 15, while still sending on to 16, then front crossing 17 to draw the dogs across.

When we put it all together as a course, the dogs worked brilliantly as the handlers were confident in what their dogs could do and knew where the pitfalls lay.

All the dogs tonight worked this excellently, but I have to say a huge congratulations to Beryl and Molly who came on leaps and bounds tonight.

Monday, January 2, 2012

There will be training only at Grendon on Tuesday 3/01/2012
No Wednesday Training this week, Wednesday will start back on 11/01/2012
Thursday Training commences as normal this week 5/01/2012

Hope everyone had a good holiday, see you all soon.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Agility Training is taken by:
Jackie Gardner
Alan Gardner
Obedience for Agility is taken by:
Jenny Barr

One to one training is taken by:
Jackie Gardner

XXXX New for 2012 XXXX

New for 2012

We will now having training classes on 3 nights:
Tuesdays: Grades 1 to 3, Grade 4 to 7
Wednesdays: Puppies/Foundation Training followed by a competition training class
Thursdays: Obedience for Agility/ New comers pet Agility / Competition FCI Style Courses for Grades 6&7 Dogs

I can also offer limited training during the day. Either one to one or small groups.

If your interested in any of our classes please contact Jackie by email

Monday, November 8, 2010

Trainers news

Agility Training at SmartPaws will be undertaken by

Jackie Gardner - Tuesday Evenings
Alan Gardner - Thursday Evenings

At an indoor riding school in the Newton Regis Area (near Tamworth, Staffordshire)

We are currently looking at two other venues to expand our training sessions.

We have also secured a new venue on Monday evening where we will be holding basic obedience classes.

SmartPaws Training More Options Available


SmartPaws have now extended their training nights to include Tuesday and Thursday Evening.

We now have Agility Training Classes for All levels
From New Beginners up to Agility Champions

All of our training currently takes place in an indoor riding school, in the Newton Regis Area (Near Tamworth, Staffordshire)

But we are looking at two possible extra venues, so that we can expand the training that we can offer. So watch this space.